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We want to make sure that you have all of the window wells and covers info you need to get what you want. There are choices and decisions to make about the type of covers you want and the companies who can make them for you. Plus, it’s good to know the different options available to you and how it can ultimately help you protect your home or business better. How does a window well cover help keep your home secure? What’s the difference in materials that can be used? Will the covers I want complement my landscaping? Should I get custom window well covers or just go with pre-made? These are just some of the questions we’ll help you sort through. Any time you buy something, you want to make sure you’re getting what you need.

What are EGRESS Window Well Covers?

You may have heard the term “egress” when talking about window wells and wondered what exactly it is. Generally speaking, egress window well covers would be the same thing as any other window well cover. An egress window is one that is simply large enough to get out...

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Utah Window Well Covers Need to be Strong!

That’s right. Utah window well covers need to be able to withstand different and varying weather hazards that could make weaker covers crumble! High winds, rain, snow, dust and salt are just a few things your covers will have to endure. Not to mention the effect of...

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Are All Window Well Covers Custom Made and Worth the Cost?

The answer to this is no and yes. Many window well covers, like the ones you find at big box stores, are pre made and there is nothing custom about them. Covers that are custom made for your wells are a better value over time and definitely worth the minor cost. If...

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7 Tips for Basement Window Well Covers

If you’re looking at getting some basement window well covers for your home, here are 5 tips that may save you some time and money. Or, at least give you something to think about. 1 – Purpose This should, of course, be one of the first things that you consider. If...

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Get your window well covers Utah and protect your home! As you’ve looked through our site and a lot of this information, you’ve been able to see why Wasatch Covers is consistently rated so high in products and customer service. We don’t cut corners or skimp. We make sure that you get exactly what you need – a top quality window well cover at an affordable price, done right to look great and last a lifetime!