Wasatch Covers EZ Lift System

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Our patent-pending EZ Lift System was designed to make lifting a window well cover as easily as possible. It only takes 2 lbs of pressure to lift the cover. Usually, that’s the force of pushing up on it with one index finger. This means young children and the elderly alike are able to use the EZ Lift System to open a window well cover in the event of an emergency or just for easy access. 

Many of our customers are surprised at how much a window well cover can weigh when you’re using the highest grade materials. Rest assured knowing that your loved ones will be able to lift a window well cover regardless of the situation.

Add an EZ Lift System to your window well cover order and we’ll install it when we install the covers! EZ Lifts must be installed at the same time you install your window well covers. 



How It Works

Our in-house engineers designed the patent-pending EZ Lift System works by using gas spring arms to be able to open and close a cover. By creating a “hinge type” of application, and the right size and strength of gas springs and attachments, we’ve developed a way that a cover can be easily lifted and remain in the open position. The EZ lift will work with any of our covers regardless of size, making it an obvious choice if access is a high priority. The EZ lift also works well with our lockdown and ladder systems to ensure the best product.

The Wasatch Covers EZ Lift System

With our EZ lift system, a child can open the window well cover. It only requires 2 to 3 pounds of force to lift the cover off the window well. The EZ lift provides an added advantage if you’re caught downstairs during an emergency or when it’s time to wash those basement windows. No more struggling to get the covers off, just gently lift and the hydraulic arms will keep the covers open for easy access to the well.

The hydraulic arms hold your window well cover on each end, supporting the weight for as long as you need. Access in and out of the window well is a breeze with an EZ lift system. After you’re done, just gently push the cover back into place and it’s ready to go.

Order Your EZ Lift System Now

The EZ lift system is easy to purchase. Just add it to your window well cover order at checkout and our experienced technicians will install it when we deliver your covers. We also have other accessories as well, such as our top-selling locks and ladders.

*The EZ Lift System works exclusively with Wasatch Window Well Covers. An EZ Lift must be purchased at the same time you purchase your window well covers.

All Wasatch Covers come with a lifetime structural guarantee!

Safe and secure window well covers

I ordered 2 window covers for the front of my house. Being especially picky, I required the technician come out and discuss extra options. Fast forward; both covers are perfect. I feel that they will last a long time and the way they are placed, the quality and how they manufactured. So happy I decided to have this company complete my request. All interactions were positive and transparent.

Tracy May

We had Wasatch Window Well Covers come out and do the covers for our new home addition. We were very pleased with the simple process, the quality of work, and the pleasant employees that we talked with. They have this system down to a science!!! We were so happy with their service that when we replaced our old window wells, we had them make covers for them as well. You don’t find many companies these days with this kind of service. We are very happy to recommend them. Definitely a 5 star service!

Reed Tidwell

Beyond happy with my experience with Wasatch Window Covers! They did exactly what they said they were at ther exact schedule they said! I would recommend them to everyone!

Arnold Sanchez