Wasatch Covers EZ Lift System

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The Wasatch Covers EZ Lift System gives you window well cover that is easier way to open your covers and keep them open.

Quality steel and plastic window well covers can be heavy and difficult to lift and stay raised. The Wasatch Covers EZ Lift System provides a simple solution for opening and closing your covers. The EZ Lift System only takes 2-3 lbs of force to lift the cover and the system’s hydraulic arms at each end hold the cover upright until the cover is gently pressed back down. This makes access in and out of your window well a much simpler process. When you want your window well covered again just gently push it back into place. With the EZ Lift System, you’ll have window well covers that are:

  • Easy to open from the inside to allow for escape in an emergency.
  • Simple enough to open that a child can do it. Only 2-3 lbs of pressure needed.

The EZ lift system can be added to your order for new covers and can also be retrofitted to existing covers. The EZ lift works smoothly with all other Wasatch Covers accessories including locks and ladders.

*The Wasatch Covers EZ Lift is exclusive to the Wasatch Window Well Covers system and is Patent Pending.



A Better Window Well Cover, and an Easier Way to Open It

Window wells are dangerous if not covered. Custom-fit Wasatch covers offer an effective way to prevent people from falling into their window wells and getting hurt, thus preventing medical bills and lawsuits. But not all window well covers are created equally. Some covers made by our competitors are cheaply constructed and dangerous while others are way too big and heavy for the window well. These oversized covers will slide and flip when stepped on thus magnifying accidents instead of preventing them.

At Wasatch Window Well Covers, all of our covers are a true custom-fit to each of your wells. Our covers fit snugly to the inside lip of your wells so there is no sliding when you step or stand on our covers. Over the years our customers have asked us for increased ease of use in removing and replacing our covers.

The Wasatch Covers EZ Lift System

That’s why we developed the EZ lift system that is a simple add-on to your window well cover. Like all of our accessories, the EZ lift system was designed in-house by our team of engineers. After more than a year of research and development, the EZ lift system is now available and ready for purchase. The EZ lift system is best described by the name. It offers an easy solution for lifting open our custom-fit Wasatch covers.

With our EZ lift system, a child can open the window well cover. It only requires 2 to 3 pounds of force to lift the cover off the window well. The EZ lift provides an added advantage if you’re caught downstairs during an emergency or when it’s time to wash those basement windows. No more struggling to get the covers off, just gently lift and the hydraulic arms will keep the covers open for easy access to the well.

The hydraulic arms hold your window well cover on each end, supporting the weight for as long as you need. Access in and out of the window well is a breeze with an EZ lift system. After you’re done, just gently push the cover back into place and it’s ready to go.

Order Your EZ Lift System Now

The EZ lift system is easy to purchase. Just add it to your order at checkout and our experienced technicians will install it when we deliver your covers. We also have other accessories as well, such as our top selling locks and ladders.

At Wasatch Window Well Covers we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled value in the marketplace. We only sell products we have designed and engineered ourselves to ensure the highest quality window well covers and accessories at a competitive price. Get your own custom-built window well cover and an EZ Lift System to go along with your window well covers!

All Wasatch Covers come with a lifetime structural guarantee!

Wasatch was a wonderful company to to work. They always were quick to answer their phone and emails when I had questions. Everyone was friendly, educated and kind. The product seems great quality also. I am very happy I went with them for my window wells!

Ashley Pead

We handled everything over the phone, the grates were custom made and installed while I wasn’t even home. They have me progress reports along the way. Then they followed up with a contact to ensure I was happy and the install looked good. I highly recommend.

G Williams

I really enjoyed working with Wasatch Window. They communicated quickly and clearly each step of the process. I like that they come to my home to custom measure each window and make each cover a perfect fit. They installed the covers without me having to be there, so it was a hassle-free process with great results. Thanks.

Barry Fitzgerald