Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions about our window well covers and accessories. We have answers.

How much weight can Wasatch covers hold?

Our clear and steel covers are rated to hold up to 400 lbs.

How are the covers fixed to the window well?

Building code states that the covers have to be removable to allow egress (escape). Our covers lay on top of and inside the well. By fitting snug on the inside and on top of the well, the covers are secure, stable (can’t shift), remain in place even in high traffic areas.

Are all window well covers a standard size and shape?

We have come to find that each window well is slightly different in size or shape even though they start out as the same shape and size. Because of this, we have found that being on-site to measure and install is the only way to provide a truly custom look and fit. 

Can I just come pick the covers up?

Because we are completely custom and make our covers fit exactly to your window well we don’t have covers in stock.

Does the $100.00 deposit go toward the total?

Yes. The deposit does go toward the balance of the covers!

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is refundable up until the day before templating

Can I choose the color of paint?

We offer black or brown steel window well covers.

How thick is the polycarbonate?

Our Lexan is about 0.155 inches thick reinforced by aluminum cross bracing. Polycarbonate is used in many safety-related applications, such as bulletproof windows, police shields, and hockey masks. It remains one of the strongest, most durable plastics available.

What if I need my covers installed sooner than 2-3 weeks?

We would be happy to install them sooner. In order to do this, we ask for an additional $100 to put a priority rush on your order.

How long does it take for installation?

It typically takes about 2-3 weeks for installation after you place your order.

What type of paint is used for Wasatch window well covers and accessories?

Wasatch Window Well Covers uses the latest and best powder coating available. A 3 stage process ensures the most long-lasting and durable coating you can get. Not only do we prep the products with a high degree of quality, we make sure to bake them all the way in compliance with powder coating manufacturers’ specs. This allows for the powder coating to adhere the best and remain flexible to prevent cracking and chipping in the future. We stand behind our process with a full lifetime paint warranty.

How do I get an estimate?

We are proud to be one of the few if not only window well cover manufacturers in Utah that doesn’t do estimates or pricing. Because of 17+ years of experience, we are able to charge one price for all our covers. So the price you see on our website is what you can expect for pricing (up to 7 feet in width).

What if I want your covers but don’t live within the service area?

We would be happy to make a cover for you. First, send us some pictures of your window wells. We then will have a tech take a look at them and give you a call to walk you through how to make a template. After you bring us the template, we will build the cover and let you know once it is complete for you to pick it up.

Can a child remove the covers in the case of an emergency?

If the child is able to remove a screen or open a window, he/she can get our covers off. Our patent pending EZ Lift System makes lifting a cover even easier!

Is there a warranty on the covers?

We offer a lifetime structural and paint warranty! The paint warranty specifically covers flaking, peeling, or the paint naturally falling off. It does not cover against scratches or chips.

Do you travel to service Heber, Logan, Tooele, Nephi area?

We do service those areas, however, we do require a $50.00 travel fee and we have to have a full route to go there.

My window sits higher than the well itself is that going to cause a problem?

We deal with this situation often and it will not create a problem. Since the window sits higher than the well itself, there will be a gap between the cover and the window. We recommend what we call a backing if you are wanting a clear cover. It is $8.00/ Square feet and the tech will measure for that when he measures for the cover. If you are wanting a steel cover, we offer an inset and it is an additional $30.00.

How does the payment process work?

$100 Deposit: To initiate the process, only a $100 deposit is required. This deposit is entirely refundable until we visit your home to measure your window wells.

50% Balance Due: After we’ve measured your window wells and discussed your specific requirements, a 50% payment of the remaining total balance will be charged. This step ensures that your customized window well covers are on their way to being crafted with precision.

Completion and Final Payment: Once we return to your home to install the window well covers, the remaining balance will be charged.

What about security?

You can add a lockdown to the cover for an additional $55 to prevent anyone from lifting the cover from the outside of the home. In the case of an emergency, you can remove the cover from the inside using the emergency release.

How much light do the covers let in?

Clear covers will allow 90% of natural light. Steel covers allow about 85% of natural light.

Does the clear cover allow airflow?

The clear covers will limit the airflow but allow enough to prevent mold and mildew.

What type of material are your steel covers made of?

Our steel cover is made out of an expanded metal and angle iron. We also use the latest in technology through CNC plasma tables, automated angle rolls, and imaging systems.

Is there a discount for ordering more than 1 window well cover?

We offer a neighborhood discount if it is over 20 covers.

Do I need to be home at the time of template or installation?

As long as the technician has access to the window wells you do not have to be home.

How do I know what wells need ladders?

Utah building codes require an escape ladder in an emergency exit that is deeper than 44”. Any living space in a home requires 2 escape routes, generally the doorway and the window. If you’re well is deeper than 44” you will be required to install an escape ladder.

How do I know if I need covers?

If the well is within 3 feet of a walkway it needs a cover.

Do the clear covers yellow over time?

No, they don’t. However, they do need a little more upkeep and maintenance than the steel.

Can the clear covers create mold in the window wells?

No, we leave a small gap on the back of the cover for ventilation so mold and mildew cannot produce.

Will the clear covers keep all of the water out?

Our clear cover is sloped to have the water run off the window well cover. They aren’t 100% waterproof but they’ll keep the majority of water out of your window well, including snowmelt.

Why choose Wasatch?

Wasatch Window Well Covers are completely custom so the well cover fits exactly to the size and shape of your well. We also are the only company that uses the inner fit system; meaning the lip of the cover sits on the inside of the well giving the cover a nice snug fit while still allowing them to be removed easily. Read more about why Wasatch Covers is the best window well producer in Utah.