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Custom Window Well Covers

Get peace of mind by having custom window well covers from Wasatch Window Well Covers Utah. Available in two distinct styles, polycarbonate and steel, every window well cover built by Wasatch Covers comes with a lifetime structural guarantee. Don’t wait any longer to protect your home! We’ll get started on your covers right away.

Custom Steel Window Well Cover

Traditional steel window well covers are a one size fits all solution. Often, this results in steel covers that extend beyond the window well, creating an unattractive overhang that can jeopardize the safety of the well itself. At Wasatch Covers of Utah, we custom fabricate each steel window well cover to the exact dimensions of your wells.

Custom Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

Most window well covers don’t fit at all. They hang over the well and can slide around or even flip off the well when stepped on. Our covers fit snugly on the inner lip of the window well, making Wasatch Covers the only truly custom cover on the market. The custom polycarbonate window well cover is our premium cover.

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All Wasatch Covers come with a lifetime structural guarantee!

Keep Your Kids Safe

It’s unfortunate how many injuries occur to children playing near window wells. Especially when they are mostly preventable. We get calls frequently from parents whose children have fallen into their window wells and get injured. Prevent those accidents with custom window well covers Utah!

Keep The Water Out

Our polycarbonate window well cover is great for keeping water away from basement windows.

Keep Your Home Safe

Window well covers, especially those with lockdown systems, act as a deterrent for potential criminals.