Why Wasatch Covers

High quality structure by measuring each template

It’s just a window well cover

When we started building window well covers over 15 years ago, we were just a small welding shop building mostly trailers without much experience specifically in window well covers. How hard could it be?  It turns out, there are a lot of ways to mess up a window well cover. Over the years we have fine-tuned our process from start to finish. We’ve introduced hassle free online ordering. We’ve experimented with various different materials and designs. We’ve evaluated countless coating options and means of transport. Every innovation in manufacturing and design brings unforeseen new challenges. There are some things you can only learn through trial and error and volume. We’ve been around long enough to learn from a lot of mistakes.



After more than 5 years of research, we are proud to say we have implemented the only automated manufacturing process in the window well cover industry. Using custom hardware and software we can now take a picture of your window well and send it real-time to our in-house custom bender that can bend a perfectly matched custom frame in either steel or aluminum. While this sounds easy in theory in practice it was significantly more complicated. What used to be the primary bottleneck and variable in the entire manufacturing process is now the easiest part.


Credibility in Size

No company in Utah builds more window well covers each year than Wasatch Window Well Covers. We have not become the largest window well cover manufacturer in Utah by accident. We have grown each year through continuous innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality. That commitment to quality extends beyond just our manufacturing process. It touches every aspect of our company. Our aim is to not only deliver the best window well cover on the market but also the best overall customer buying experience. We want our customers pleasantly surprised by how easy and rewarding it is to be our customer. We have long understood that customers are willing to pay for quality, because quality matters.

Poly cover
Person on window well cover
Safe and secure window well covers

I ordered 2 window covers for the front of my house. Being especially picky, I required the technician come out and discuss extra options. Fast forward; both covers are perfect. I feel that they will last a long time and the way they are placed, the quality and how they manufactured. So happy I decided to have this company complete my request. All interactions were positive and transparent.

Tracy May

We had Wasatch Window Well Covers come out and do the covers for our new home addition. We were very pleased with the simple process, the quality of work, and the pleasant employees that we talked with. They have this system down to a science!!! We were so happy with their service that when we replaced our old window wells, we had them make covers for them as well. You don’t find many companies these days with this kind of service. We are very happy to recommend them. Definitely a 5 star service!

Reed Tidwell

Beyond happy with my experience with Wasatch Window Covers! They did exactly what they said they were at ther exact schedule they said! I would recommend them to everyone!

Arnold Sanchez