Why Wasatch Covers

Hassle free with a streamlined order and build process

Truly Hassle Free

At Wasatch Window Well Covers our owners abhor unnecessary hassle in life.  That is why at Wasatch we have worked diligently to remove all the usual hassles from the old standard window well cover buying process.


What Size?

Traditionally, if you wanted a window well cover the first question you would be asked was, “Ok what are your measurements?”  At this point, buying feels like a chore.  Wait I have to go measure my own window wells?  What if I measure the wrong part?  What if my measurements are off?  Of course, the old answers to these questions were a dismissive, “not my problem.”


How Much?

The next hassle was pricing.  Some companies still will not give you pricing until they come to your house for an ‘estimate’.  What exactly they are estimating is unclear.  Are they estimating cover cost or how much profit they can squeeze out of each customer?  Other companies will charge you different prices depending on the size of your window well.  This is unnecessarily complicated and confusing.  At Wasatch our answer is different.  One price, any size and we measure for you.  You can order on your first phone call or first visit to our website and be confident you’re getting the best deal available.


Let Us Earn Your Business

Buying window well covers doesn’t have to be such a hassle.  Let us handle the complicated stuff you just pick the style of cover you like best and whatever accessories you need.  We’ll do the rest!

We had Wasatch Window Well Covers come out and do the covers for our new home addition. We were very pleased with the simple process, the quality of work, and the pleasant employees that we talked with. They have this system down to a science!!! We were so happy with their service that when we replaced our old window wells, we had them make covers for them as well. You don’t find many companies these days with this kind of service. We are very happy to recommend them. Definitely a 5 star service!

Reed Tidwell

Excellent service from start to finish. Have a sump pump tubing extending out of one of the window wells requiring a custom made cover. Technician came out & measured, & in just a few days came back to install them (3). Fit was perfect & they even made a perfect cut out to accommodate the pump tubing. Awesome customer service with appointments & notification of when they would be out to measure & install. Technician was very knowledgeable & made sure everything was perfect before leaving. Highly recommend this company!

Debbie Maffuccio

I got online to order the window well covers and within 2 or 3 days, the measurements were made and within 2 weeks they installed the covers. They are sturdy and look awesome on my new house. All delivered with no muss and no fuss. Everything was done on time and I never even saw anybody! All done with minimal input from me. Outstanding work guys!

James Anderson