Steel Window Well Ladders

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Wasatch Window Well Ladders provide you with a sure-footed way to get in and out of window wells easily and safely.From our window well covers to our window well ladders, everything we design and fabricate is to the highest standard. 

  • Compliant with NASC Building Code for Egress 
  • Designed to be used for most individuals from young children to the elderly.
  • 12 inches between rungs makes it easy to reach each rung.
  • All ladders are 16 inches wide which makes them easy to climb.
  • The ladder rungs are 4 inches in depth from the window well, making enough space for fingers to fit between the ladder and window well for easy climbing.

Our window well ladders are available in:

  • 3-step ladder
  • 4-step ladder
  • 5-step ladder

Free Installation and Measurements when You Purchase Covers and Ladders from Us.

When you order covers and accessories from Wasatch Covers, we take care of all measurements and installation. 

If you don’t order a cover from us you can still purchase a ladder from us and come to our office to pick it up.

What To Look For In A Window Well Ladder

The standard dimensions of an egress (window well) are at least 24 inches high, 20 inches wide, and can’t be more than 44 inches above the floor. But technically, your window well can be deeper than 44 inches and if so, is required to have an escape ladder.

It’s not just important to have one. You want to make sure it’s permanently attached so you don’t risk the ladder falling back into your window, breaking it, or allowing for a shift while using it thus becoming even more dangerous.

Utah Egress Code

Do you need to pass an inspection on your home? Our window well ladders are compliant with Utah egress window codes.

What is the Utah Egress Window Code?

All new homes built in Utah are required to have multiple emergency exits from any living space in the basement. And for good reason, in case of a fire or some other emergency you and your family should easily be able to exit the basement or a firefighter needs to be able to enter. If the well is deeper than 44” it may be required to have an escape ladder. Our ladders are compliant with the related building codes.

The standard dimensions of an egress (window) are at least 24 inches high, 20 inches wide, and can’t be more than 44 inches above the floor. But technically, your window well can be deeper than 44 inches and if so, is required to have an escape ladder.

Having a ladder is only half of the solution, the ladder needs to be securely secured to the window well to support a few hundred lbs if needed. No worries, when you order window well covers from us and you include ladders and other accessories, we’ll secure your ladder to your window well for no extra cost.

Order Your Window Well Ladders

Don’t put off the safety of your family any longer. Start your order today and get your own custom-built window well ladders to go along with your window well covers!

All Wasatch Covers come with a lifetime structural guarantee!

Safe and secure window well covers

I ordered 2 window covers for the front of my house. Being especially picky, I required the technician come out and discuss extra options. Fast forward; both covers are perfect. I feel that they will last a long time and the way they are placed, the quality and how they manufactured. So happy I decided to have this company complete my request. All interactions were positive and transparent.

Tracy May

We had Wasatch Window Well Covers come out and do the covers for our new home addition. We were very pleased with the simple process, the quality of work, and the pleasant employees that we talked with. They have this system down to a science!!! We were so happy with their service that when we replaced our old window wells, we had them make covers for them as well. You don’t find many companies these days with this kind of service. We are very happy to recommend them. Definitely a 5 star service!

Reed Tidwell

Beyond happy with my experience with Wasatch Window Covers! They did exactly what they said they were at ther exact schedule they said! I would recommend them to everyone!

Arnold Sanchez