Plastic vs Steel Grate Window Well Covers: Which is Better for Utah Homes?

Plastic Basement Window Well Cover

If you own a home in Utah, there is a good chance you have the mixed blessing of having window wells on your home. Window wells serve some very helpful purposes. They make basement rooms lighter and more accessible and can also serve as potential emergency exits. This helps make your basement space more livable as well as safer.
On the flip side, window wells require maintenance and can actually be dangerous if they are left uncovered. To address these issues, the best thing a homeowner can do is to cover all window wells. The question is, what kind of window well covers should Utah homeowners choose?
The two main options are steel window well covers and plastic window well covers. They both have their advantages, so here is a basic rundown to help you choose which will work best for your home.

Steel Grate Window Well Covers

Heavy duty and attractive at the same time, steel grate window well covers are a solid option. They are highly visible, which will help deter intruders while also adding an attractive look to your home. Interior locks can be installed, preventing people from opening them from the outside but still enabling them to easily exit in case of emergency.

Plastic Window Well Covers

In addition to protecting your home from intruders like steel window well covers, plastic window well covers allow in even more light. At the same time, they block debris, precipitation, and critters from getting into your window wells. Plastic window well covers are surprisingly strong as they are made from high-grade polycarbonate, and are also a very attractive addition to your home.
Whether you opt for metal or plastic window covers, you will be adding a useful element to your home that will make it safer, more attractive, and more functional. Contact us for more details and to explore your options.