Why Wasatch?

Window Well Covers Utah

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Wasatch Window Well Covers Utah can give you peace of mind knowing your family is safe!

Fast & Efficient.

We can get custom covers on your window wells faster than any other company in Utah.  From order to delivery our covers generally take between 2-3 weeks.  Some of our competitors will quote a similar turnaround time just to get your business.  Be wary, check the online reviews. The fact is no other window well company in Utah has been able to beat us on time and quality.

Best Processes.

We have been building window well covers for over 15 years.  Experience is the best teacher and we have learned a lot about structural rigidity and we know more than we care to know about coatings, coverings, drying times, dipping and the failings of powder coating.  No other company builds covers the way we do.  No other company uses our special two-stage dipping process.  Our processes ensure consistent repeatable results.

Best Value.

You can find covers that cost less and covers that cost more, however, you simply will not find covers that are a better overall value than Wasatch Window Well Covers Utah.  We have to take into consideration weight versus strength, ease of manufacturing versus aesthetics, and overall durability versus egress functionality.  These are difficult trade-offs to analyze.  We remove heavy, ugly, non-functional and compromised covers from homes on a daily basis.  We laugh with customers as they tell us in exasperation, “What was I thinking when I got these!”  In fact, it is a sad but true fact that our happiest customers are the customers who have tried something else first.  The difference between our custom cover and anything else is that noticeable.  Do yourself a favor and make the smart choice the first time around.

Locally Owned.

Wasatch Window Well Covers is a Utah company, born and bred.  When you buy our covers you support the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Utah such a great place to live. Wasatch Window Well Covers Utah is here to stay. Let us know what you need.
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