Utah Window Well Covers Need to be Strong!

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That’s right. Utah window well covers need to be able to withstand different and varying weather hazards that could make weaker covers crumble! High winds, rain, snow, dust and salt are just a few things your covers will have to endure. Not to mention the effect of high heat in the summer to low cold in the winter. Utah is a beautiful place, but with the seasons comes wear and tear on anything outdoors. Just try leaving your barbecue grill outside without a cover on and see how long it lasts!

Custom Fit Window Well Covers

Enter Wasatch Covers. We know what it takes to make Utah window well covers. First of all, we’ve tested and perfected our covers over the last 15 years to ensure that you get quality covers for all of your wells. Secondly, we are Utah natives who know what the weather can be like. We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use to protect our our own homes. Our techniques and materials are often imitated, but never duplicated. That why we can offer a lifetime structural guarantee. Your window well covers from Wasatch will last. And don’t think for a second that we didn’t think about curb appeal! With a lot of things you sacrifice looks for strength, but not with us. Our covers can hold 300 pounds without breaking a sweat and look like champs year-round. Our steel covers and polycarbonate covers both look amazing and will complement your landscaping rather than being an eyesore.
While the looks are nice, it’s really the strength that matters more here. If you have some flimsy plastic cover, then a Utah snow storm could drop enough snow on top of it in one night to cave it in. Better that it’s snow rather than a child though, right? Even some of the metal covers we’ve replaced have been too weak to hold much wait. And, it’s not just about keeping the elements out. It’s a security feature as well. A weak cover won’t do a very good job of keeping intruders out either. We make sure that our cover fit like a glove and offer lockdown systems to ensure a higher level of security. Our Utah window well covers won’t just pop right off with one little yank or crumble under a little bit of weight.
Another thing to consider is that metal tends to rust, breakdown and become weak when faced with water, salt and other things common in Utah. That’s why we also use our special two-stage dipping process to keep the metal protected from harsh weather and chemicals that can cause damage. Wasatch Covers are strong inside and out!
Don’t waste your time or money on weak covers. Get the best Utah window well covers from Wasatch and save yourself the headaches and hassles that come with getting cheap products. After all, our goal is to help you make your home that much safer so that you have that much more peace of mind.